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the fastest growing brand in Africa

From humble beginings...

Ruggedwear® was borne out of The Supply Company, which had its origins in Pietermaritzburg but 'grew up’ in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. We can proudly say:
"Made in South Africa"

 The Lowveld was the perfect ‘breeding’ ground for our clothing, since it is worn by people working and playing in the outdoors and bushveld of Mpumalanga. We figured if our clothing could ‘pass the test’ in the Lowveld, it would be suitable anywhere in Africa or elsewhere in the world with similar conditions!

Initially the manufacturing division started off as Songizwe Clothing in 2002 as part of a job creation project, manufacturing school shirts for two very large national retail chains. Only totally unskilled, jobless people were employed and every single operator was trained from scratch. During 2007 Songizwe Clothing was closed and the factory re-opened its doors as SONQOBA WORKER’S CO OP. What was commenced as a job creation project changed to an economic empowerment project.

During 2006 the present directors took over The Supply Company and the style for which The Supply Company has now become known was born. From there the client list grew to include well known game lodges, reserves, hotels and other establishments as well as large farms and similar facilities, all of whom make use of the good looking but tough and versatile range of clothing for which Ruggedwear® is now famous.

In 2012 we changed our name to reflect our dynamic new direction and RUGGEDWEAR® , the fastest growing brand in Africa was launched.

We are not unique,
just original!

We walked for miles with adventurers searching for gold. We rounded up cattle on horseback for weeks. We cast lines with fishermen and went white water rafting. We dug and planted with landscapers and went quad biking with thrill seekers. We leopard crawled with game rangers and tracked poachers bent on destroying our natural heritage. We rode on tractors ploughing fields and assisted at archaeological dig sites.With the sun beating down on us or rain pouring over us, we criss-crossed Africa, through savannah, bush and desert, over mountains, through streams, on foot, on horseback or 4×4. This is our uniquely African life-style.Work or play we need clothing that can take the pace, that is tough and yet still looks good!

Made from fabrics that are tough, quick drying and easy to care for: this is the RUGGEDWEAR® range.

Proudly manufactured in South Africa and distributed throughout Africa and the rest of the world.

If you’re RUGGED®, you’re wearing it!

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What is the RUGGEDWEAR® brand all about?

South African and proud of it!
Outstanding quality.
Great fabrics.
Generous sizing.
Industry-leading delivery times.
Professional and friendly service.

No challenge is too big when you’re wearing RUGGEDWEAR®:

You’re adventurous,
You’re tough,
You’re passionate,
You’re prepared,
You’re driven,
You’re RUGGED!